Fractalise your photos!

Exaggerate the essential and ignore the obvious

See the world with the eyes of an artist! Maybe you sometimes take the beauty of nature for granted?  If you take a natural picture and transform it with FrangoCamera’s lenses you will see it with fresh eyes.

Frango lenses transform your picture on all scales. This is the same effect as when watching waves breaking on a beach or thunderclouds building for a summer storm. The results are harmonious and beautiful.

  • Camera mode makes your iPad into a fractal camera.
  • Image scrambler to ‘encrypt’ your pictures.
  • A range of frango lenses to transform your saved pictures.
  • Create fractal animations from your pictures.
  • Each lens can be applied either up,down, right or left.
  • History button stores your frango save settings.
  • Save, copy, email your frango pictures.
  • Post your frango masterpiece to Facebook!

Some videos created with FrangoCamera

Frango fish

Examples / FrangoCamera
Hidden pictures

FrangoCamera / scrambler
Bring a jelly fish to life

FrangoCamera / youtube

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  • See the image morph from ordinary to frango!
  • Image scrolling holds the lens fixed and slides the image.
  • Lens scrolling holds the image fixed and slides the lens.

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See the different frango lens effects

Tasmanian leaves

Examples / FrangoCamera
Scramble your images.

FrangoCamera / scrambler
Clown fish

Examples / FrangoCamera

Need some help? 

Perhaps you have a suggestion for a new feature?  Want some more background information on fractals? You can find lots more help on our support site.  

Wow impressive app for the ipad! Yes please do let me know when the new version arrives on the scene! Thank you!


I downloaded and ran the update as soon as I saw it was there. I couldn’t wait to try it out, and I was not disappointed. I love the mirroring … It is just what I had in mind. Thank you.


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