FrangoViewer (formerly Frango Free)

Try out frango effects for free.

Exaggerate the essential and ignore the obvious

With FrangoViewer on your iPhone you will always be able to snap a frango picture!

FrangoViewer has a selection from of the full range of lenses in FrangoCamera.  You can see the transformed picture and save it on your iPhone.  You need to have the full FrangoCamera app if you want to apply frango lenses to your saved pictures and to see the fractal animations and image morphing.

  • Your iPhone becomes a fractal camera.
  • A range of frango lenses to transform what you see.
  • Save the frango snap to your photo stream.
  • Review your frango pictures.
  • Email frango pictures to your friends.
  • Post your frango masterpiece to Facebook!
  • Send us your favorite pictures for the Gallery.

Need some help? 

Perhaps you have a suggestion for a new feature?  Want some more background information on fractals? You can find lots more help on our support site.  

View the favorites gallery

Please send us all your favorite frango pictures! It’s very easy, just select the ‘Favorite?’ action inside the app when you review your frango pictures and follow the prompts.